The Weekly Wait #3

Godot 3.2.2, Godot 4.0's amazing new SDFGI, Material Maker, and the usual weekly collection of tidbits!

Guten Tag!

It is I, Hendrik, with issue #3 of The Weekly Wait, your — so far — surprisingly weekly newsletter on all things Godot. If you’re reading this, you’re either someone who makes games with Godot, or you want to be someone who makes games with Godot, or you know someone who makes games with Godot, and they forwarded this email to you, which is a very kind thing to do. Either of these is just wonderful! 💖

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To space and… yeah! 🚀

Godot 3.2.2!

After two more release candidates, Godot 3.2.2 has finally arrived! Hallmark features are C# support on iOS, 2D batching support in GLES2, an updated Android plugin system, and networking improvements. In addition to these, this release contains a slew of bugfixes and minor improvements. Time to upgrade!

Preview of Godot 4.0’s new Global Illumination subsystem

Juan Linietsky, Godot’s lead developer, has been hard at work with his new SDFGI — Signed Distance Field-based Global Illumination — subsystem for Godot 4.0. Not only has there been a first, juicy Pull Request, but there’s also an introductory blog post explaining the whole thing in detail. Juan provides some additional details on his Twitter account, including lots of comparison screenshots and demo videos. This is some incredible stuff, and even though it will likely receive many more improvements and changes, it’s now available in master if you want to have a go at compiling Godot yourself.

Plugins, Tools and Assets 🛠️

Tutorials 🎓

etc. 🎈

From the Community 🎨

A nice little level intro animation from @aliendiscogames:

Snopek Games has a series of devlogs for their submission to Godot Wild Jam #22, “Monster Revolution”:

“Battletronik” by @fracteed has a cool Battlezone/Tron aesthetic:

“Daisy Dangerous”, a juicy little Rick Dangerous-like (is that a genre? It is now), has an alpha available on

“Fist of the Forgotten” looks very nice:

That’s it for this week, friends — have a good one! 💌