The Weekly Wait #2

Godot 3.2.2 RC2, Game of the Month, C++ Helper Template, Shaders, Syntax Themes, Interactive Cloth, Unleashing the Power of Godot, and more!

Godot Friends! ☕

It’s time for the second issue of The Weekly Wait, your weekly newsletter on all things Godot! We were off to a good start last week — huge thanks to everyone who subscribed to the newsletter and/or followed our Twitter account @TheWeeklyWait!

We also received some very good feedback on our inaugural issue, thanks a lot! Some of you pointed out that the animated GIFs contained in the newsletter had been stripped of most of their frames, also on the newsletter’s web version. We’re trying to work this out with our hosting service and hopefully fix it soon.

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Onwards and upwards!

Godot 3.2.2 Release Candidate 2

Hot on the heels of the first Release Candidate, the Godot team has released 3.2.2 Release Candidate 2, containing a bunch of regression fixes and improvements. As a reminder, the hot new features of Godot 3.2.2 are 2D batching in GLES2, C# support in iOS, a new Android plugin system, and multiplayer networking improvements.

GotM - Game of the Month is a free hosting site (and future storefront?) for HTML5 games developed with Godot. It sports a particularly user-friendly upload interface — basically, just drag and drop your game’s .pkg file into this form, and the site’s backend will do the rest, including applying some convenient delivery optimizations. Check out the site’s roadmap for what’s in store in the future.

Plugins, Tools and Assets 🛠️

  • Godot C++ Helper Plugin Template by @Katzewit helps you set up your Godot environment for writing Godot logic and addons in C++.

  • Everything Library is a pay-what-you-want collection of 3D models created by David O’Reilly of Everything fame. David is releasing these assets in batches, with the first, Animals — containing no fewer than 239 animal meshes — available now.

  • Simple Dialog Addon, a Godot plugin for adding character-based dialogs to your game. Here’s a tutorial video.

  • Godot-Shaders is a growing collection of shaders commonly used in 2D Games. It currently contains shaders for reflective water, impact shockwaves, magnifying glasses, and dissolving sprites.

  • Godot Syntax Themes, a collection of syntax themes for Godot, now hosted as part of the godotengine organization on GitHub.

  • Want to temporarily disable your project’s audio while you’re working on it? Most operating systems nowadays offer app-specific volume controls, but not macOS. If you’re working on a Mac, BackgroundMusic (free and open source) will help.

Tutorials 🎓

From the Community 🎨

A new devlog from @QuijiPixel for his cool looking game, The Black Pepper Crew:

@AaronWizardstar is working on a 1-bit tactical RPG:

Orbital is a nice little riff on gravity/grapple games:

@menodev and his wife are working on a beautiful and serene looking game:

@CaptainProton42 presents this cool little demo scene for his interactive water shader:

Finally, Juan himself shows off his progress on the new real-time global illumination subsystem he’s developing for Godot 4.0:

Another issue in the books! Have a great week, everybody. 💌