The Weekly Wait #1

The first issue! Godot 3.2.2RC1, The Book of Shaders, Concept Graph,'s amazing bundle, and more.

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2020 continues to be crazy, right? What a year. What. A. Year.

Either way, here’s the inaugural issue of The Weekly Wait, my new newsletter on all things Godot. Does the world need yet another newsletter? Well, I wouldn’t know, but there’s so much happening around Godot these days, in so many different places. My aim is to provide a regular, curated mix of news, links to tutorials and interesting plugins, and showcase some of the projects developed across the community.

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Godot 3.2.2 Release Candidate 1

Godot’s Rémi has announced the availability of the first release candidate for Godot 3.2.2, available for download here. The focus of this new version of Godot is on bringing C# support to iOS exports, 2D batching in GLES2, an updated Android plugin system and improved networking functionality.

The Book of Shaders

Trending on Hacker News recently, here’s The Book of Shaders, “a gentle step-by-step guide through the abstract and complex universe of Fragment Shaders”. Not specific to Godot, just a good opportunity to pick up some shader writing skills.

Concept Graph

Concept Graph is an amazing Godot editor plugin that allows you to procedurally create content and control this creation through a visual node graph (similar to Godot’s built-in Visual Shaders or Visual Script.) It’s still early days for the plugin — with a recently released 0.5 alpha — but its author @HungryProton is moving fast. Do keep an eye on this.

concept_graph_0 2’s Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality tops $5M

Polygon reports on this incredible milestone for’s equally incredible Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality. There have been many voices this year saying that “you can’t solve the world’s problems with code”, but I don’t fully agree with this. This bundle contains the combined effort of 1300+ creators; it really is an impressive and beautiful thing. Don’t let anyone tell you not to make things, it is always good for something.

Tutorials 🎓

From the Community

@PrimalLight is a cool-looking action platformer that’s about to be released on Steam:

@aikoncwd is making a cool little pixel jump’n’run:

Check out this cool little tactics game, @BoleroTactics:

You can build more than just games with Godot. How about a Trello clone?

Chroma Rails is a fun little one-button game with some very nice visuals:

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