Godot 3.2.3 Release Candidate & upcoming Core Developer Q&A! That's it, that's the whole issue!
Godot & Third Parties Questionnaire, GodotCon, regular Q&A with the core team, and the usual assortment of plugins, assets, tutorials, and community…
C# editor plugins, gotm.io multiplayer, Fuzzy Story Editor, new Oculus Quest/Go plugin release, and more!
Godot 3.2.2, Godot 4.0's amazing new SDFGI, Material Maker, and the usual weekly collection of tidbits!
Godot 3.2.2 RC2, Game of the Month, C++ Helper Template, Shaders, Syntax Themes, Interactive Cloth, Unleashing the Power of Godot, and more!
The first issue! Godot 3.2.2RC1, The Book of Shaders, Concept Graph, itch.io's amazing bundle, and more.
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